Moongdal kachori

Nothing like homemade food

Recipe Moongdal kachori

Yields 15 Kachoris big


350 GM maida

Oil or ghee 4 tbsp


1/2 baking soda

Water for medium stiff dough make sure not very stiff , not even soft

In a bowl add maida , salt , ghee now mix with hands it should be like bread crumbs in hands as we do in farsi puri now add soda and gradually add water knead dough and rest aside for 20/30 mins


Soak moongdal (dhuli yellow) for 4 hours

Drain it , make sure it’s completely dry you can dry in cloth too

Now grind in mixy for 10 seconds only make sure only seconds because we want coarse dal not like batter

Take 3 tbsp ghee in kadai

Add 2 tbsp gram flour 4/5 mins now add dal mixture , stir and make sure flame is medium low , add salt , 3 green chillies chopped , pinch asafoetida, 1 tsp amchur powder, 1/4 tsp turmeric , 1 tsp red chilly powder , 8/10 fennel seeds pounded , 1 tsp cumin coriander powder , 2 tbsp garam masala , you can add 1 tbsp if you want mild taste, now mix all well and cook upto 8/10 mins and aroma will come , keep it stirring often , after 8 mins switch off flame transfer to plate and let it cool

After some time once it’s cool make gullas from dough roll it with required shape I have done upto 6 cmm now fill stuffing cover it properly now roll it for twice with rolling pin and very gently now fry in only medium flame only it takes 10/12 min to fry 3 batch of Kachoris ,

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Eggless ladipav

Its lockdown going in India due to pandemic covid19 , wanted home made pav for pavbhaji , I had yeast at home which was brought almost 6 months back , thought to try pav at home and made it

Recipe : Ladi pav


Maida :500 gms

Instant active yeast 2 tbsp

Sugar 1 tsp

Salt as per taste

Milk powder 2 tbsp

Milk half bowl Luke warm

Water as required

In bowl add luke warm milk, sugar and yeast and keep for 10 mins after few mins it will bubbly and you will see it’s mixed in milk

Method : In a bowl add flour , salt and fermented yeast mixture and knead dough it should be sticky , later sprinkle oil and cover the bowl for an hour keep it in closed in cupboard , after an hour it will rise almost means it will doubled , now remove in plate and punch the kneaded dough upto 7/8 mins , add 4 tbsp butter and keep it punching for 4/5 mins ,now grease tin make balls of required size and place in tin , leave little gap so they can rise even now keep this tin for rest for an hour , after an hour pav will doubled in size , preheat oven 10 mins for 200 deg brush pav with little milk on top now bake for 20 mins , mine took 30 mins to bake as I have big oven , enjoy home made pav !


Here is mohanthal heirloom recipe of my family , recipe credit mother in law

Recipe :Mohanthal


Besan 225 gms (not rough one) I used regular one

Sugar 125 gms

Ghee :150 gms

2 tbsp cardamom powder

Dry fruit of choice

Method :

Heat Kadai , add ghee once ghee melts , keep gas on very low flame,add besan gradually and stir it uoto 18 mins , I have done up to 15 mins but seems need 3/4 min more as per mother in law told, meanwhile keep stirring it shouldn’t stick bottom and sometime in another utensil add sugar and water up to sugar level and keep for boiling ,once sugar is melted switch off it , now besan will leave aroma and when it’s done ghee is little separated , at same time add sugar syrup & cardamom powder , I have added 5 tbsp milk at same time to make it richer , you can skip it .once you add sugar syrup it will leave sides and kind of halwa will be formed , now grease plate with ghee and add to plate n let it cool down , mummy don’t prefer much dry fruits so I kept simple as her choice ,also sprinkle elaichi powder on top and refrigerate for an hour now cut into pieces and relish it . Happy dhanteras & happy Diwali to one n all .

Amritsari Kulcha

Amritsari Kulcha has stuffing of potatoes ,onion & few spices , generally it is made with seven layers of butter and then stuffed as per my knowledge.It goes with pickle , curd or chhole too

Recipe :Amritsari kulcha


500 gm wheat flour

200 gm maida


1 tbsp sugar

2 tbsp oil

3 tbsp curd

2 pinch soda

1 tsp baking powder

4 tbsp kasuri methi (optional)

Half bowl milk to knead dough for kulchas

300 gm medium boiled potatoes

2 onions small chopped


3 greenchillies

1 tsp grated ginger

1 tbsp coarsely crushed corinander seeds

1 tsp red chilly powder

Butter I have used in layering for few kulcha app 10 /15gm butter for each kulcha

Half tsp raw mango powder (amchur)

1 tsp garam masala

Few coriander leaves optional


Mix wheat flour & maida add salt , oil , sugar , soda & baking powder,add curd mix well & knead dough with milk , Add milk gradually and knead dough .Rest half n hour .

Mean while prepare stuffing :

In a bowl add boiled mashed potatoes, add onions, chillies , salt , coriander seeds crushed, amchur,garam masala , red chilly powder & coriander leaves.

Now make lemon size balls , take cling film to roll as shown in pic , add butter now make envelope fold, repeat process 3 times , last one fold then roll it now place stuffing again gather sides and roll with in oblong shape , when you’re doing buttery layers rolling with cling film is advisable else it will stick while rolling , you have to roll gently now you can sprinkle coriander leaves on top and roll once , sprinkle some red chilly powder. Now heat iron tawa on low flame and make your palm wet with water and tap back side of kulcha which is bottom side I mean so wet part will be placed on tawa so kulcha can stick to it properly . It takes 3/4 minutes for kulcha now flip tawa as shown in pic 7 , it takes 6 mins approximately to cook it .Be much conscious while lifting iron tawa .And super delicious soft kulchas are ready to go with pickle , chhole or curd well I love to eat it alone depends on individual choice .

Subz korma

Subz korma is North Indian style curry it’s mild rich spicy curry and goes with tawa paratha or Rotis or Naan.

Recipe : subz korma


1 tbsp popeye seeds soaked in water.

18 cashewnuts soaked in warm water along with 8 almonds

7 onions chopped

4 tomatoes chopped

1 tbsp ginger garlic paste

150 gm French beans

100 gm peas

Carrot 5 medium chopped

Cauliflower florets 200 gm

Oil 6 tbsp


3 tbsp sugar

2 tbsp garam masala

1 tbsp red chilly powder

2 tbsp kasuri methi

Few coriander leaves

Half bowl fresh cream to garnish

Method : grind popeye seeds with water & keep aside.grind soaked cashews & almonds too.

Heat kadai add 2 tbsp oil and add onion & tomatoes and cook them upto 8/10 minutes, till tomatoes becomes mushy , cool it & grind it .

Boil vegetables in pressure cooker bring upto 2 whistles and strain them .

Heat oil in another kadai , add cashew almond paste and cook upto 4/5 minutes.add ginger garlic paste and. Cook it till smell goes away , now add onion tomato purée and poppyseed paste and cook them 5 minutes more , add salt sugar , turmeric , red chilly powder and garam masala sand cook it , now add boiled veg in it and cook 8/10 mins , add kasuri methi and cook 2 minutes more add fresh coriander leaves and cream and give nice stir . Your subz korma is ready .

Pineapple koprapak

Koprapak is traditional sweet dish from Gujarati cuisine.koprapak is made within few minutes & just need setting time.It can be made on festivals like Rakshabandhan, bhaibeej or any auspicious day ,when you have limited time to prepare sweet.

Recipe:Pineapple koprapak


200 ml milk room temperature

150 GM sugar

4/5 pineapple slices crushed & prepare juice

1 tbsp cardamom powder

Pinch of saffron strands soak in 2 tbsp milk ( lukewarm )

2 tbsp ghee

Dry fruits for garnishing.

Method : crushed pineapple slices & prepare juice, add required water make sure it’s not runny we have to give flavour.Take milk in broad pan & keep boiling slowly add sugar & cook on low flame upto 3/5 minutes.Add saffron soak milk & 4 tbsp pineapple juice .keep stirring on low flame , I haven’t added colour , you can skip pineapple if you don’t have and add food grade color . After 2 mins everything will lumpy, add ghee & switch off gas & mix well . Meanwhile grease a dish with ghee and spread pineapple koprapak. Let it rest 5 mins , now cut into pieces and garnish with dry fruits and keep same dish in refrigerator for hour & your yummy koprapak is ready to serve. Happy new year everyone!

Mawa modak

Ganesh chaturthi was on head & was done with viral , wanted to make modak but couldn’t make in that day & made it yesterday.

Recipe : Mawa modak


200 gm Mawa ( khoya fresh)

6 tbsp dry roasted rawa

Pinch cardamom powder

Sugar 8/10 tbsp

Half bowl milk

Ghee for greasing hands

Method : Roast Mawa on very low flame for 3/4 mins till it’s light pink .

Roast rawa too. Cool down . Now heat kadai, add roasted mawa add rawa & milk & cook on low flame add cardamom powder & sugar keep stirring it . Keep cooking up to 5/7 mins it will leave sides of kadai & transfer in bowl. Grease hands with ghee and add stuffing in modak mould unmould it . They are ready to serve Ganesha! JANI Ganesha 🙏🏻

Mathura ke dubkiwale aloo

Mathura is a pilgrimage place where Lord Krishna was born & it’s mostly visited by many Hindu’s & specially we vaishnavs go there for Darshan of Mohan(Lord Krishna’s).Earlier most of my elders who have visited mathura goes to our known pandit we call them (choba) and they use to cook food in their home & serve. That was during 3/4 decades back .Dubkiwale aloo is speciality of mathura & it goes with Kachori but I made in dinner with poori.

Recipe :Mathura ke dubkiwale aloo.


Potatoes 500 gm

Oil 3 tbsp

1 tbsp cumin seeds

Pinch asafoetida


3 cups water

3/4 finely chopped green chillies

Half tsp turmeric powder

1 tsp grated ginger

1 tsp redchilly powder

1 tsp garam masala

1 tsp amchur( raw mango powder)

Coriander leaves to garnish.

Method: Boil potatoes and make pieces or you can mash it too.Heat oil in kadai , add asafoetida, add cumin seeds when it crackles add ginger & greenvhillies and cook it slowly . Now switch off flame add remaining spices except amchur .Switch on gas , add potatoes & stir it well now add 3 cups of water & cook 3/5 mins , add amchur & mix well & close lid cook up to 8/10 min more so masalas blend with curry properly . Water you have to add little more if required as potatoes are starchy so.once it done it will leave aroma add coriander leaves & serve hot . It’s served with Kachori but I made it with poori. Till then Jai shree Krishna 🙏 & m waiting for call for Darshan of mohan.

Mango kalakand

Kalakand is easy dessert made very quickly if you have few ingredients.Summer is going on , I have so many mangoes , aamras is daily wanted to make some dish from mango & I made kalakand & it tastes heavenly .

Recipe : Mango Kalakand.


2 tbsp pure ghee

Mango pulp of two mangoes ( I used kesar keri) no water or milk added.

80 GM homemade paneer

100 gms khoya fresh home made

1 tsp cardamom powder

2 tbsp grated coconut ( optional)

Pistachios for garnishing.


: Heat kadai & add ghee to it.

Now add mango pulp to it & keep cooking 4/5 minutes.keep cooking on low flame only , little colour will change .

Now add crumbled paneer to it , keep cooking 4/5 minutes, add grated khoya to it & cardamom powder mix well & cook . Keep it stirring continuously so bottom doesn’t stick . Add desiccated coconut to it & cook up to 7/8 mins & once done will leaves side look soft as dough. Meanwhile grease plate with ghee . Switch off gas & pour mixture in plate evenly in desired shape you want . Now give cut in square shapes once it’s cool won’t be easy to cut , after that sprinkle dry fruits of your choice I have sprinkled pistachios. Cool for an hour . It’s amazing flavour & taste & no sugar added as mangoes are sweet . Choose mangoes which are very sweet so you can avoid sugar . Happy cooking.